Why Choose Swiftdale

Swiftdale is a very different type of company from the larger “body-shop” type agencies which are becoming increasingly common in the market place today. At Swiftdale, we fully understand the scope of work for wellsite and operations geology, as the two principal owners of the company are still active geologists, who continue to do field work and have done so for over 30 years. No other provider of wellsite and operations geologists are closer to field work and todays demanding operations than Swiftdale and when you receive a CV from Swiftdale the experience is the truth.

Swiftdale’s regular pool of over 20 consultant geologists tells the story. Several have now been with Swiftdale for well in excess of 20 years, with loyalty working both ways being the key to our business. We recruit only the best and when we bring top class consultants into the fold, we aim to to keep them with us.

“Experience is our key”

The majority of Swiftdale’s contracts are for exploration and appraisal wells and we rarely provide personnel for long term production drilling. However, Swiftdale geologists have experience in all drilling practices, with the most having worked on high angle directional wells, including horizontal drilling, bio-steering and geo-steering. We can provide geologists with HPHT experience, clastic, carbonate and hard rock drilling experience, as well as familiarity with the latest mud logging systems, MWD/LWD equipment and wireline logging methods and services. All our geologists are fully competent in wireline log supervision and are fully conversant with the industry preferred log drawing packages. As such it’s highly unlikely you ever find a Swiftdale consultant with less than 10 years relevant industry experience, and the majority having in excess of 20 years.

“We let our reputation do the talking”

Swiftdale is not a hard-sell, pushy type of company when it comes to marketing and we don’t employ dedicated marketing personnel. We rarely cold call, we never promise things we can’t deliver and at the end of the day we prefer to let our reputation, contacts gained over twenty five years, and experience do the talking. We are, however, team players and we think we have a lot to offer any wellsite and operations geology departments no mater how big or how small.

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