Wellsite Geology

Our wellsite geologists have worldwide area knowledge and possess considerable skills in all drilling practices, with the majority having experience with up-to-the-minute horizontal drilling practices, biosteering and geosteering techniques.Swiftdale geologists have substantial HPHT experience along with clastic, carbonate and hard rock drilling skills complementing total familiarity with the latest mud logging systems, MWD-LWD equipment, wireline logging services and log interpretation techniques required at the wellsite.

Typical work activities

A Swiftdale Wellsite Geologist will typically be expected to perform the following duties:


  • Report to the Operators designated office for pre-well briefing and introduction.
  • Evaluate offset data and potential drilling hazards before the start of drilling.
  • Attend and if required contribute to Operator pre-spud meeting.
  • Brief mud logging crew on sampling procedures, operator reporting requirements, and makes sure adequate consumables are on-site prior to spud.

Whilst drilling the well

  • Liaise with the Operator and keep them informed at all times.
  • Supervised all mud logging operations and ensure all duties are performed to the operators specifications.
  • Oversee the sampling and see it is perormed acurately and properly.
  • Compile detailed cuttings analysis of lithology and hydrocarbon detection.
  • Analyse and interpret cuttings, core, and sidewall core samples.
  • Draft an interpretative computer generated lithological log to include all data specified by the client.
  • Ensure that all reports, logs, data and documents are efficiently dispatched to the Operator and partner offices as required.
  • Analyse, evaluate and describe formations while drilling using cuttings, gas, MWD and wireline data anf any other avalable data.
  • Compare data aquired during drilling with pre-well exploration predictions.
  • Advising on drilling hazards and drilling bit optimisation.
  • Advise operations personnel on-site and in the operations office.
  • To act as the on-site representative of the oil company geology team.
  • Select formation tops, coring points, casing points, sidewall core points,  MDT points, check shot and VSP levels as directed by the Operator.
  • Keep detailed records, writing reports, completing daily, weekly and post-well reporting logs, and sending these to appropriate departments.
  • Generate a daily Geological Report to include all relevant data as specified by the client.
  • In the absence of  a LQC specialist the Wellsite Geologist will supervise, witness and monitor quality control on wireline logging operations.
  • Supervise core catching, handling, measuring, cleaning, describing, preserving, packing, and assist and liaise with the relevant contractor.
  • Responsibility for monitoring any other specialists at the wellsite, such as wellsite biostratigraphers, core technicians and MWD personnel

Post Well

  • Supervise the dispatch of all geological samples from the wellsite make sure that all shipments are packaged, addressed and manifested correctly.
  • Produce a post well  End of Well Report or Geological Completion Report andor a Composite Log, either at the wellsite or at a designated Office.
  • Report to the Operators designated office in person for briefing/debriefing as and when required.
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