Operations Geology

Charts & CoresSwiftdale’s Operations Geologists are expert in monitoring operated and non-operated wells whilst at the same time being fully conversant with effective partner reporting and liaison techniques. Our Operations Geologists are equally proficient in preparing pre-well documents such as well programmes, tender documents, reporting procedures and decision tree planning schematics. Routine post well documentation includes end-of-well reports and completion logs.

A Swiftdale Operations Geologist will typically be expected to perform the following duties:


  • Prepare and issue tender documents for all geology-related well services. These can include
Wireline Logging
  • Evaluate tenders and recommend the successful bidders to the exploration and drilling managers.
  • Prepare and issue a final geological well programme for the well or wells.
  • Liaise between the drilling department and the service companies for mobilisation of personnel and equipment.
  • Contribute to any pre-drill DWOP meetings and Risk Assessment meetings.

Whilst Drilling The Well

  • Supervise and advise the wellsite geologist on all aspects of the well.
  • Liaise between the wellsite team and the onshore/head office exploration and drilling departments.
  • QC and dispatch all reports and logs to designated personnel and partners.
  • Act as main point of contact for any queries from partners.
  • QC and approve 3rd party invoices and timesheets (wireline, mudlogging, coring etc).
  • Act as main point of contact for all geologically related 3rd party service companies.
  • Ensure timely mobilisation of all geological services and equipment to and from the wellsite.
  • Provide up to date progress reports and logs for management.

Post Well

  • Supervise the transportation of all geological samples from the wellsite to partners and service companies.
  • Work with the wellsite geologist on finalising the Final Geological Well report and Composite Log.
  • QC all geological logs for final presentation and dispatch.
  • QC and approve all final invoices from 3rd party service companies.
  • Contribute to all well review meetings and lessons learnt discussions.



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