Wellsite Geology

Wellsite Geology Swiftdale wellsite geologists have worldwide area knowledge and possess considerable skills in all drilling practices, with the majority having experience with horizontal drilling, biosteering and geosteering techniques. Our wellsite geologists have HPHT experience along with clastic, carbonate and hard rock drilling skills complementing total familiarity with the latest mud logging systems, MWD-LWD equipment, wireline logging services and LQC techniques required at the wellsite.

Operations Geology

Operations Geology Swiftdale’s Operations Geologists are expert in monitoring operated and non-operated wells whilst at the same time being fully conversant with effective partner reporting and liaison techniques. Our Operations Geologists are equally proficient in preparing and evaluating pre-well documents such as well programmes, tender documents, reporting procedures and decision tree planning schematics as well as all post-well reporting and post-drilling well studies.


Petrophysics In addition to our core services Swiftdale can also provide consultant Petrophysicists. Such personnel are available for pre-well tender evaluations of wireline and LWD services, tools and other equipment. Furthermore we can supply specialist wireline supervision during the well and post-well evaluation of logs, log quality control and wireline services.


Geoscientists In addition to our core services of wellsite and operations geology we can also deploy highy experienced Biostratigraphers to work at the wellsite. Furthermore we can complement your staff by the provision of in-house exploration personnel such as Geophysicists, Exploration Geologists, Technical Assistants and Staff Geologists.

Graphics & Design

Graphics & Design Swiftdale can provide high quality output combined with elegant and stylish design at a competitive price. Our services and products include technical diagrams, maps, cross-sections, lithology columns to montages, brochures, posters & advertisements. In addition to Lithology and Composite logs we aslo specialise in gelogical illustrations and forms for use at the wellsite.


Training Training With all our experience especially at the wellsite, Swiftdale will only be to happy to provide onsite training for client personnel, whether they are newly qualified, trainees or employees from another discipline who wish to enhance their knowledge of wellsite geology.
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