Company Profile | wellsite


Formed in 1986, Swiftdale has specialised in providing the most experienced and adept geologists for wellsite operations around the world. Our ever-expanding international portfolio of clients emphasises Swiftdale’s position as one of the leading geological consultancies. Swiftdale has channelled its experience and expertise into wellsite and operations geology and as such these services form the core of our business.


However, in addition to our pool of expert and highly motivated wellsite and operations gelogists the company is additionally able to deploy other experienced personnel including:

  • Drilling Engineers
  • Petrophysicists
  • Wellsite Biostratigraphers
  • In-house Exploration Personnel


Experience and expertise are the two essential qualities behind all successful and dependable consultants. When these two qualities are combined, the result is efficiency. Companies investing considerable amounts of money in oil and gas exploration and production expect efficiency. Swiftdale’s aim is to maximise technological competency, decision and risk-taking capability and cost benefit analysis in an atmosphere of mutual accord with our clients. By selecting only personnel of the highest calibre can the most cost effective use of manpower and resources be reasuring guaranteed.
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