André Yale

Wellsite Geologist

43  Years Relevant Experience

André is a French Canadian geologist based in the Far East who has been known by the Swiftdale directors for quite some time. André was initially employed with PetroCanada where he was involved with gas chromatography, and then acquired a lengthy mud logging and data engineering background gained with several mud logging companies, noteably Geoservices, the Analysts, International Logging, Datalog and eventually Weatherford Logging. From 2005 André became the Africa co-ordinator for Uganda and the Congo, being responsible for managing several mud logging contracts, directing field operations, conducting client and local government liaison, and managing over 30 local engineers and 4 technicians. André gained invaluable wellsite experience with both Geoservice and International logging which he has now furthered with Swiftdale. His most recent wellsite project has been working for RAK Petroleum in Oman

Areas of Work

Africa: Tanzania, Namibia, South Africa, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, Congo, Guinea Bissau, Tunia, Egypt.  Middle East & Asia: Qatar, UAE (Sharjah), Dubai, Oman, Yemen, Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, Azerbaijan. Far East & Oceania: Indonesia, Thailand, Mayanmar, Vietnam, Cambodia, China, Phillipines, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea. UK: Sourthern & Central North sea, Offshore Shetlands. North America: Canada.

Relevant Experience

Reservoir & play types: clastics and especially carbonates (shelf/shoal, karstified, fractured, hydrothermally dolomitized reservoirs). Extensive experience in Persian Gulf Paleozoic-Mesozoic limestone and dolomite reservoirs such as the Permo-Triassic Khuff Formation on both Qatar (North Field) and Iran side (South Pars) and the Jurassic Arab Formation (Shah Field).

Drilling Experience: over-pressure, HTHP, directional, high-angle, horizontal, geosteering, extended reach, underbalance drilling (nitrogen), MWD-LWD, Wireline LQC, deepwater, exploration, development, appraisal, H2S-Sour Gas wells, coring, well testing.

Pre/Post Well Tasks: Composite logs, Lithologs, Progress logs, Pressure logs, Well Completion/End-Of-Well Reports,pore pressure/fracture gradient plots.

Industry Software: GEO for Windows, Winlog, Gravitas 1.6, Datalog Anax Suite, International Logging DLS Software, Geoservices ALS Suite Software.

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