Richard Heath

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

33  Years Relevant Experience

Richard has 33  years experience within the oil industry and several years wellsite experience. He has been working as a consultant wellsite geologist since 2004 and recently complete a long project for Qatar Gas where he also worked as an Operations Geologist. Richard hails from a Mud Logging Data Engineering background gained with Exploration Logging (BHI) and Geoservices.  Richard has considerable worldwide experience as a consultant in both Operations and Wellsite Geology.  He has been involved in exploration, development and waste water disposal projects from pre-well planning to well completion.

Areas of Work

Richards has worked in many locations which include Malaysia (West and East), Vietnam, Myanmar, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, Korea, China, India, Pakistan, UAE, Qatar, USA (Gulf of Mexico), Trinidad, French Guiana, South Africa, Denmark and the United Kingdom Northern & Southern North Sea, and onshore in Sellafield.

Relevant Experience

Richard has experience in a wide range of geological environments and reservoirs types, including Carbonates – reefal, platform, karstified etc (particularly the Khuff reservoir in the Middle East),  volcanics, fractured basements, and various clastics. He has considerable experience in deepwater exploration, overpressured environments, HTHP drilling, floating mud cap drilling, high angle development wells, extended reach, coring, full combination MWD-LWD drilling and Wireline LQC. Richard can complete Composite logs, Lithologs, Well Completion / End of Well Reports, write Well Programmes, evaluate Tenders and make pre-spud presentations.

Industry Software: Richard has worked extensively with GEO for Windows and is familiar with Well Hub, Petrolink, Landmark and Petrel.

About The Author

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