Mohamed Shaffi

Wellsite Geologist

33  Years Relevant Experience

Shaffi spent many years with Geoservice where he worked as a mud logger and data engineer before going on work as a wellsite geologist in 2007. With Geoservice he became a field supervisor and aslo spent time as a technician and a Reserval specialist doing on site Interpretation of Gas data using their latest Gas detection equipment. Since becoming a wellsite geologist Shaffi has built up a good reputation and as such was made Geologist Field Supervisor for OMV in Yemen supervising geological operations on 3 rigs. Recent work has included working with RAK Petroleum offshore Ras Al Khaimah in the UAE.

Areas of Work

Shaffi is a Middle East expert, with the vast majorty of his field work performed in various regions through out the Middle East which has inlcuded: Iran, Yemen, Sudan, UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudia Arabia. Other work has been in India.

Relevant Experience

Shaffi has an abundance of carbonate experience throught the Middle east as well as clastics, also basement reservoir identification with fractures in a Metamorphic environment. Quick-look log interpretation with MWD-LWD and wireline data, extensive cormng programmes. Geological Supervision of Exploratory, Production, Development and Under-balanced Horizontal wells. Industry Software: GEO for Windows, Winlog4.

About The Author

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