Marco Coscia

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

26  Years Relevant Experience

Marco is an experienced geologist based in italy. He has a strong mud logging and data engineering backgrounded gained with Georservice and Geolog; the later also as a Base Manager. He progressed onto wellsite work and has been a regular consultant with Swiftdale since 2004 were he has done wellsite work in Iran for ENI and Edison Oil & Gas, Heritage Oil in Kurdistan and in Qatar with Qatargas. Marco has also worked as an Operations Geologist for for Premier Oil offshore Congo, ConocoPhillips/ADNOC in Abu Dhabi on the Shah field sour gas project, and in Qatar for Qatargas.

Areas of Work

Mediterranean and North Africa: Italy, Spain, Greece, Tunisia, Libya (onshore desert: Hammada, Nafoorah, Ghani, Serir, Buattifel). Africa: Mauritania (deepwater), Congo (deepwater,  onshore rain forest: Quilou, Quaquala, M’Boundi), Tanzania (Ruvuma delta). South America: Argentina (offshore Tierra del Fuego). Middle East: Iran (offshore South Pars; onshore Darquain and Zagros fold belt), Iraq (Zagros fold belt), Qatar (offshore North Field, onshore Ras Laffan), UAE (onshore Shah).

Relevant Experience

Reservoir & play types: clastics and especially carbonates (shelf/shoal, karstified, fractured, hydrothermally dolomitized reservoirs). Extensive experience in Persian Gulf Paleozoic-Mesozoic limestone and dolomite reservoirs such as the Permo-Triassic Khuff Formation on both Qatar (North Field) and Iran side (South Pars) and the Jurassic Arab Formation (Shah Field).

Drilling Experience: over-pressure, HTHP, directional, high-angle, horizontal, geosteering, extended reach, MWD-LWD, Wireline LQC, deepwater, exploration, development, appraisal, H2S-Sour Gas wells, CO2 wells, coring, well testing.

Pre/Post Well Tasks: Composite logs, Lithologs, Progress logs, Core logs, Pressure logs, Well Completion/End-Of-Well Reports, cross sections, pore pressure/fracture gradient plots, Well planning and geological prognosis, Tenders, Tender Evaluation, Pre-spud presentations.

Industry Software: GEO for Windows, Landmark Openworks, Petrel.

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