Gary Clulow

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

40  Years Relevant Experience

Gary is another high experienced geologist who commenced working in the oil industry in 1980, and apart from a short spell in alternative employment has notched up over 40  years relevant experience. Gary has a very strong international portfolio of wells and has considerable experience not just as a wellsite but in operations too. He has worked in many varied types of locations, particularly remote ones where the client needs to rely on the particular expertise of the wellsite geologist.

Areas of Work

Angola, Cameroon, Equatorial Guinea, Nigeria, India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Malaysia, Papua New Guinea, Philippines, Thailand, Vietnam, China, Japan, Russia, Brazil, Libya, Oman, Pakistan.

Relevant Experience

Operational geologist with experiences of exploration, appraisal, delineation and production stages to near complete depletion of the reservoirs. Responsibilities included planning, wellsite geology, operations geology and post well data analysis. Experience with all types of reservoirs, clastic, carbonate plays, metamorphic basement. High-angle development wells, HTHP, LWD/MWD. HRH’s Gavitas/Winlog, GEO for Windows, Wellhub.

About The Author

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