Bill Mather

Wellsite Geologist

28  Years Relevant Experience

Bill has over 28  Years Experience years within the oil industry and hails from a mud logging and data engineering gained with with Geoservice. Bill was known by Swiftdale personnel for quite some time before joining the team. His work projects have included wellsite work offshore Ireland, offshore Qatar, Uganda, and Iraq. Bill is a popular member of the team and is widely¬†known for getting on well with everyone he works with.

Areas of Work

Offshore and onshore United Kingdom, Ireland, Bulgaria, Romania, Denmark, Holland, France, Sweden, Tunisia, Zaire, Brunei, China, Iraq and Qatar.

Relevant Experience

Bill has experience with most reservoir types, and has worked on HTHP wells and turnkey drilling projects. He has experience of highly deviated and horizontal drilling and is fully familair with most aspects of modern drilling. He has strong computer skills and experience with graphics based programs Corel Draw, Photo Paint and Adobe Photoshop and is familar with the Geo log drawing software.

About The Author

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