Graham Staples

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

42 Years Relevant Experience

Graham is another long term Swiftdale geologist having joined in back in 1990 and is one of Swiftdale’s most senior consultants with experience both Operations and Wellsite Geologist. Recent field work has included a stint with Heritage Oil in Uganda both as wellsite geologist and for Wireline Logging QC supervision and he is currently involved working on projects at the Heritage office in London. Graham is a well respected and experienced geologist who has been in the oil industry for 42 years and has a strong portfolio of international wells. He possesses a considerable depth of knowledge and has experience with most reservoir types, comprising clastic, carbonate and basement prospects, and has sat a significant amount of HTHP wells.

Areas of Work

Romania, Bulgaria, UK Central and Southern North Sea, onshore UK particularly Northern England, China, Nigeria, Senegal, Uganda, Trinidad, Mexico, USA and Malaysia.

Relevant Experience

Most reservoir types, carbonates – reefal, platform, karstified etc., and varied classics, also metamorphic basement. Considerable experience with over-pressured sections as well as HTHP, wells.

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