Alastair Flood

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

45  Years Relevant Experience

Alastair is a highly experienced geologist, and comes from a mud logging and core anaysis background which spanned three different companies, EXLOG (now Baker Hughes Inteq), the Analysts (now Anadrill) and Garmac.

He has been a full time consultant with Swiftdale since 1990 where he has worked predominantly as a Wellsite Geologist for many of the major operators in locations all around the globe.

Areas of Work

Strong knowledge of the UK North Sea with over 50 wells. Also strong Far Eastern experience with wells in Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Philippines and Korea. Other ares include Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Egypt, Yemen, United Arab Emirates, Gabon, Qatar, Romania, Bangladesh and the Netherlands.

Relevant Experience

Office based operational work. Post well compilation of Composite Logs and Completion Reports. Experience with HTHP wells. Background in Core Analysis. Experience in Geosteering Horizontal Wells.

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