Bill Pettit

Wellsite & Operations Geologist

42  Years Relevant Experience

Bill is a highly experienced geologist, coming from a mudlogging and pressure engineering background. He has a strong knowledge of UK areas having worked extensively in the Morecambe Field for British Gas. Although his main areas of experience are the Irish Sea, central and Southern UKCS, he has recently been working on a number of overseas projects, particularly in the Middle East. Bill, who is a very popular member of the team, is married with one daughter and lives in South Wales.

Areas of Work

United Kingdom & Ireland: Northern North Sea, Southern North Sea, East Irish Sea Basin, English Channel, Central North Sea, with onshore jobs in Dorset, Worcestershire, Lincolnshire, Leicestershire, and Fife onshore Scotland, Irish Sea. Norway, Pakistan (Baluchistan),  Bulgaria (Black Sea), offshore Trinidad, Indonesia (Offshore Irian Jaya),  Dubai, Qatar, Guinea Bissau, and Uganda.

Relevant Experience

Bill has gained most of his experience in the UK region, particularly the Irish Sea and the Central North Sea, but has recently completed a long term project involviong the drilling of  carbonate wells offshore Qatar. He is an excellent team worker and has gained a great amount of knowledge of all aspects of the drilling business.

Drilling Experience: directional, high-angle, horizontal, and geosteering wells, MWD-LWD, Wireline LQC, extensive coring experience (conventional and aluminium/fibreglass barrels), exploration, development, appraisal wells, shallow bore-hole, slim-hole, H2s-Sour Gas Wells, over-pressure, HTHP & floating-mud cap

Industry Software: Bill is very familiar with several log drawing packages including Geo and Pierre, and has used Landmark Stratworks and Petrolink.

About The Author

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