John Usoro

Wellsite Geologist

24  Years Relevant Experience
John was involved with mining geology for 5 years before joining the oil industry and spending 8 years with Baker Hughes Inteq gaining a strong mud logging and data engineering background. He has been employed as a consultant wellsite geologist since 2006 and has quickly gained respect and a reputation as highly competent wellsite and has repeatedly been asked back by several clients. Like our other geologists John has a strong international portfolio of varied wells, environments and reservoir types.

Areas of Work

Uganda, Iraq, Syria, UAE, Oman, Armenia, Guinea Bisseau, Gabon, Equatorial Guinea, Tunisia, Denmark and Ireland.

Relevant Experience

John has experienced a broad range of geological environments worldwide, which include many carbonate and clastic reservoirs, also lacustrine basin and basement plays. He has experience drilling overpressured sections and HTHP wells, and experience on high angle appraisal well drilling.

About The Author

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